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Our Vision

We strive to be an exceptional engineering and construction management firm committed to supporting our clients, staff, and surrounding communities by:

  • combining skilled team members with our proven work process;

  • developing a deep understanding, effectively communicating, and successfully executing our client’s objectives;

  • forging long-term relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders;

  • creating an honest, collaborative, and inclusive culture;

  • fostering employee education and growth;

  • implementing safe work practices, protecting the environment, respecting cultures, and engaging the public where we do business;

  • offering innovative solutions to deliver cost-effective and technically feasible results.

Who We Are

We are a certified minority owned MBE/DBE engineering and construction management firm with over 35 years of service in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. We are eligible to participate in Federally funded contracts as a DBE and on State funded contracts as an MBE. Our industry proficiency and experience coupled with our flexible and collaborative approach allows us to continually perform work as a prime consultant. We apply this methodology from the most intricate of infrastructure development projects to the smallest of tasks and across all industry sectors that we serve. 

Our Leadership Team

To best serve our clients, we focus on civil engineering, construction management and inspections, disaster response and recovery, and environmental sustainability. We strive to attain professional certifications, work with professional industry organizations, and understand design standards and guidance as well as Federal, State, and local regulations.

Our Legacy

For more than 35 years, our company has helped clients develop and maintain transportation infrastructure in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. The name "Indam" is homage to two countries India and America. Initially we provided site-civil and structural design services to State and local clients and have since expanded to incorporate construction management and inspection services.  We strongly believe the key to longevity and success can be achieved by maintaining our current assets while providing sustainable and resilient solutions for aging and new infrastructure.

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